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I used to hide in the shadows
Looking at the rest scratching their heads in confusion
Facing their problems.

I used to turn my back when the trouble stood at my doorstep
Waiting patiently for my move
Waiting for me doing something wrong.

I liked to wave my problems as they passed by
I loved see the misery in my classmates faces when they got their grades
Their jaws dropped to the floor.

While I used to run away from all tests and problems
I got time to think
But there was always someone who was there
Watching me
Taking notes of how I acted.

They told me I was a coward
They said I was a runaway
That I wasn’t brave enough to face my problems
But I ignored them.

But I knew sooner or later I had to face it
That I could no longer be a runaway
Run away from my problems
Run away from my future
If I even had one.

I have taken my choice
I have to face it know
I can no longer hide myself in the shadows
I must face the light of my future
I can no longer be the coward they said I was
I cannot be a runaway
I will no more be a runaway.
I came across a book my friend ~princessrita91 has and the title was runaway so I got so inspired by the title that I decided to make a poem about it. Not the best I have made but I actually like it.
ChenChu2 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2008
very well written ;)
dark-soul90 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2008
ChenChu2 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2008
ur very welcome ^^
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January 21, 2008
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